Monday, 18 June 2012

Episode 30. SPIDER-MAN (2002)

Spider-Man changed the game when it came to superhero films. Sam Raimi's adaptation was remarkably faithful to the spirit of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's original Spidey comics in the 1960s - but does that make it a good movie? Yes, we've got a gen-u-ine 24 Panels disagreement this time around!

Episode breakdown:
0:00 - 14:35: Intro banter
14:35 - 15:34: Spider-Man trailer
15:34 - 1:54:52: Main discussion
1:54:52 - 1:45:37: Closing remarks

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  1. I think it’s very interesting that with this film both of you feel the need to frame the discussion of Spider-Man with personal experience. Something I too feel the need to do.

    Similar to Dru, my story also begins when I was four years old. Except it doesn’t involve Spider-Man. When I was four, I stayed awake (late!) to watch Donner’s Superman on TV. It was like nothing I had ever seen before, and I can still remember the sheer awe and excitement I felt watching it. (Thus began my undying love of Superman, film, and comic books.) Jump ahead 18 years and there I am, all excited to see Spider-Man. From those opening shots (after the credits) I felt that same awe and excitement I did when I was four; feelings maintained for the duration of the film. No other film – before or after – has been able to recapture that same feeling. So as you may have guessed, I love this film.

    Dave, I think you’re pretty spot on here. Raimi nails the tone of the film. And, while I tend to hate when people throw things around like “it’s just like a comic book come to life!”, I really do think it’s appropriate here. But more importantly, it works. I also think you’re spot on (and I love this reading), Dave, when you say the film is a pastiche of Hollywood modes/styles. Raimi has always admitted his debt to Classical Hollywood (and has never hidden his affinity for Universal horror of the 30s and 40s).

    Dru, I’m sorry, but you’re dead wrong about this film.

    Also, that final scene is one of my favourite scenes in the history of film.

  2. What do you like about that final scene? Certainly not the acting!! I, myself, count the reaction shot where MJ first sees Peter as Spidey and then the scene where she runs to his apartment in her wedding dress among my favourite scenes ever, but there isn't a single moment in this first film that works half as well for me as those.

  3. I love the voice over, the slow motion walk-away. I love the delivery of the lines "Only a friend, Peter Parker?" and "Who am I? I'm Spider-Man!" So comic book-y. Plus the swingin' through the city