Thursday 19 April 2012

Episode Archive

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1997: The Year That (Almost) Killed the Comic Book Film
Episode 1: Steel
Episode 2: Spawn
Episode 3: Batman & Robin

Films You Didn't Know Were Based on Comics
Episode 4: A History of Violence
Episode 5: Timecop
Episode 6: Tamara Drewe
Episode 7: Which comics do we want to see made into films?

Retro Heroes
Episode 8: Dick Tracy
Between Panels: A 24 Panels Bonus Episode
Episode 9: The Rocketeer
Episode 10: The Phantom

Marvellous Halloween
Episode 11: Blade
Episode 12: Man-Thing
Episode 13: Ghost Rider

Let It Snow
Episode 14: Batman Returns
Episode 15: 30 Days of Night
Episode 16: Whiteout
Between Panels: A Very 24 Panels Christmas

Happy New Year! 2012: Post-Apocalyptic Comic Book Movies
Episode 17: Tank Girl
Episode 18: Judge Dredd
Episode 19: Barb Wire
Between Panels: Does the comic book film need to die?

Angry Green Men
Episode 20: The Mask
Episode 21: Hulk
Episode 22: Green Lantern

The Made-for-TV Avengers
Episode 23: Captain America (1978)/Captain America II: Death Too Soon
Episode 24: The Incredible Hulk Returns
Episode 25: Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD
Between Panels: Avengers Assemble! (Part One)
Between Panels: Avengers Assemble! (Part Two)

Dark Avengers
Episode 26: The Crow
Episode 27: Daredevil
Episode 28: The Dark Knight

Preparing for 2012's Sequels, Reboots, and Finales
Episode 29: Men in Black/Men in Black II
Episode 30: Spider-Man
Episode 31: Batman Begins

Indie Comic Book Movies
Episode 32: Ghost World
Episode 33: American Splendor
Episode 34: Persepolis

The Value of Superman
Episode 35: Superman: Doomsday
Episode 36: All-Star Superman
Episode 37: Superman vs. the Elite

Superheroes Go To Washington
Episode 38: X-Men: The Last Stand
Episode 39: Watchmen
Episode 40: Iron Man 2
Between Panels: Hot Toddy Talk (2012 Christmas Special)

24 Panels Goes to Hell
Episode 41: G-Men From Hell
One Shots: Bullet to the Head
Episode 42: From Hell
Episode 43: Hellboy

Manga Double-Features
Episode 44: Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance/Baby Cart at the River Styx
One Shots: Iron Man 3
Episode 45: Death Note/Death Note: The Last Name
One Shots: Man of Steel
Episode 46: Gantz/Gantz: Perfect Answer

Episode 47: Danger Diabolik
One Shots: R.I.P.D.
One Shots: RED 2
Episode 48: Barbarella
One Shots: The Wolverine
Episode 49: Flash Gordon
One Shots: 2 Guns
One Shots: Kick-Ass 2

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