Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Alright guys, we made it. Let's do a head count.

We're finally through with the surprisingly challenging MADE-FOR-TV AVENGERS series, but only once we reckon with 1998's Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD starring David Hasselhoff. Dru spends most of the episode trying to change the subject while David tries to veer us back on course. Both agree that Nick Fury has camp classic written all over it.

Episode breakdown:
0:00 - 22:05: Intro banter (The Dark Knight Rises runtime, The Three Stooges, miscellaneous bickering)
22:05 - 22:32: Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD trailer (likely fan-made)
22:32 - 1:19:00: Main discussion: Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD
1:19:00 - 1:26:54: Closing remarks

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