Sunday, 5 February 2012

Episode 19. BARB WIRE (1996) + Between Panels!

Even though Judge Dredd gave Dru and David four consecutive life-sentences as punishment for last week's show, Clint Howard posted their bail and they're back with another episode. Too bad buxom bounty hunter Barb Wire is on their trail, otherwise they'd successfully skip Steel Harbour and start a new life in Quebec. Listen in as they put way more into Barb Wire than the filmmakers ever did!

Episode breakdown:
0:00 - 8:44: Intro banter (2011 wrap-up)
8:44 - 15:20: Jeremy Woodcock on the upcoming slate of comic book films for 2012
15:20 - 19:06: More banter (What we're looking forward to in 2012)
19:06 - 19:51: Barb Wire trailer
19:51 - 1:05:56: Main discussion: Barb Wire
1:05:56 - 1:09:12: Closing remarks

And on this episode of Between Panels, the sporadic 24 Panels Per Second bonus episode, Dru and David discuss whether the comic book film is already past its sell-by date, and what that might mean for Marvel Studios in particular and Hollywood in general. In so doing, they go off on various tangents that are hopefully more entertaining than they are infuriating.

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Next time on 24 Panels Per Second: The Mask...

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