Friday, 27 January 2012

Episode 18. JUDGE DREDD (1995)

Dru and David are on the run from the law this week on 24 Panels Per Second as they attempt to pry the helmet off of Mega City One's most notorious lawgiver, Judge Dredd. Will they be found guilty of rambling on for well over an hour about a mostly forgotten mid-'90s Stallone vehicle? The evidence suggests that they will. 

Episode breakdown: 
0:00 - 16:26: Intro banter (theatre etiquette, Oscar nominations)
16:26 - 16:48: Judge Dredd trailer
16:48 - 1:09:21: Main discussion: Judge Dredd
1:09:21 - 1:14:48: Closing remarks

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Next time on 24 Panels Per Second: Barb Wire...

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