Friday, 7 October 2011

Episode 11. BLADE (1998)

Despite the fact that Dru and David mostly agree that BLADE (1998) is, more or less, an OK movie, the fangs come out (!!) in this episode when it comes to the particulars: for instance, Wesley Snipes: humourless or deadpan? Which music genre would be a better soundtrack: funk or techno? Fight choreography: hard-hitting superhero action or lame So You Think You Can Dance routine? Fang-dar or Blade-sense? Marv Wolfman and Gene Colon's jive-talkin', street-walkin', vamp-slayin' character gets the big-screen treatment here on 24 Panels Per Second.

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Episode breakdown:
0:00 - 3:26: Intro banter (welcome to new listeners!)
3:27 - 4:30: Blade trailer
4:31 - 1:02:42: Main discussion: Blade
1:02:43 - 1:07:51: Jeremy Woodcock on Blade: The Series
1:07:52 - 1:12:15: Closing remarks

We'll be back in a few weeks as our "Marvel-ous Halloween" continues with the SyFy channel movie, MAN-THING (2005). Queue it up...?

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