Sunday, 10 July 2011

Episode 07. DISCUSSION: Which comics do we want to see made into films?

In a special themed episode, hosts Dru and David each pick two comics that they want to see made into films: one within the superhero genre and one outside of that popular genre.  Last episode, we asked YOU, dear listeners, to submit audio clips of what comics you wanted to see on screen, and you responded!  Your voicemails are sprinkled throughout this episode.  And it's all available to download from iTunes right now, so don't wait!

We'll be back in late August with the first episode in our next trilogy, "Retro Heroes," with a discussion of Warren Beatty's DICK TRACY.  Queue it up!

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Episode breakdown:
0:00 - 5:24: Intro banter (Green Lantern)
5:24 - 8:26: Listener pick #1 (Essex County Trilogy)
8:27 - 22:07: Dru's pick #1: Alpha Flight
22:08 - 24:39: Listener pick #2: Guest contributor Jeremy Woodcock
24:40 - 39:48: David's pick #1: Green Arrow
39:49 - 41:02: Listener pick #3 (Elfquest)
41:03 - 52:54: Dru's pick #2: We3
52:55 - 53:36: Listener pick #4: Buffy Season 8
53:57 - 1:06:04: David's pick #2: Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story
1:06:05 - 1:08:18: Closing remarks/Outtake


  1. If we have comics-related news that we'd like the podcast to share, to what e-mail address could we send it?

  2. You can send stuff like that to twentyfourpanels [at] gmail [dot] com.